Monday, August 30, 2010

The Alterran Poetry Assemblage

"Ocular logic syllable none presuppose veins of gods" "not Being but
 something prior to ferocity and intractability of beasts" "anansi zithered antares birdsong threaded rafters ever to you riven whorls" "Bzuarb. Actual Time. Exciter Shunt Field. Lizopard. Longitudinal fissure. Chreec. Contradiction or konkretedichtung. Synchronising Pulses." "veiled arcane rupture intimidating electrical desire" "the one tongue amount that peels letters from its solvent evolutions and cross negations" "with none that goes bang just some that goes moan" "the lightsickness, the dislocation of heat" "Antennae swoon" "so be gone mythical mads & planetary charismatics" "insect cycles of erosion of understanding to be set to music" "And yet we always find below the profusion of leaves and berries here, in these unlit and seldom-visited spaces how different the sanctuary is when tending to the task of continuing afternoon." "The sudden encoded gatherings of private life, animated with open evasion." "a cage where moths bleed silk, sleep woven" "Soft weapons cybernate, cephalic doom song." "We placed our body in relation to their mystical privacies." / " let ghostings stand while producing of their pressure intimate presence , a feeding outward from one's "person" making sexual the (in)visible yet magnetic line dividing life from mutant death" "Seize one's own mind, one sees one's own mind (in the dream one's spine/mind being operated on — as if that's occurring 'from above' — is undergone only via or 'as' other events spatially. The 'operation' itself is without language or representation there)." "Singular as more tension dump years and thousands clasping the redemptive landfall / we breath, in the ribbed beeswax candle of √°dept annex, Kirlian snapshot" "We told them we were prisoners for Truth's sake; and much anomalous energy production we had with them " "Wall of resemblance unable to express what history and memory still have written on the same vehicle overhead." "you're working with this large magnet, searching for something to put it on when you notice it's stopped your cheap digital watch at the number of a woman you need to get a special chemical from" "You glisten beneath narrow cast frequency arrays." "turbulent mouths run to be fed their continual desires" "anything like resistance (scorpion tongue or turbulent her interiorized audacity comprising time current converted) as essential as seldom understood" "Hey fiddle the count or the burnt creative all the way to a rose or budding metaphor stripped of hedging till the raw calculus says hand over fist in brief nasty brutish and short arrays sing" "as our mothers used to say (with mouths shut tight): “forced supplier of human ammunition! . . . the state needs unemployed and soldiers!” so" "How it feels to be outside and inside at the same time." "The dream is always a reflection of the state of dreaming, and rarely of reality." "It is the great work of a young-adult global civilization, a meta-literate culture with time on its prosthetic tentacles, at this point slightly more silicon than carbon, blinking vulnerably in the light of its own radiant connectedness ." / "desire rose time contracted bright self now gaudy grave" "We have pleasure in inclosing circulars, and cracks easily." "why alone zones for measured maker without whose night descended mind atmospheres" "what do you mean transcendent longing?" "There is a little panel in the intellect whose rotating dials and levers measure extancy and another darker panel back of that where being's ranges and categories are decided." "relentless inexorable yearning and tenderness leaning downwards." "And then the sublime emerged in the wrong place, stunned, as it always is, looking like a jet-lagged tourist who doesn't speak the language and only feels at home in the airport." "with eyes in the fire with stars in the commonplace with the without streaming with breath in the blue green atmosphere of this here" "Her syntax longs to let depression and ecstasy dance indivisibly." "the bluntness of the blue against yellow creates a dissonance of colour but a harmony of intention" "Some incarnations blossom in our eyes" "a null sum knot option anywhere manybodied with knownshape forsaken" "would set limits to this one world where at any instant the fields of sleep are strong" "the diplomats have been taken to the atrocity sites" "As one returns, as day or spring or one meaning asserts another." / "Love subsidized our descent." "into it the steps the path the dusk, those sometime air remembered, only in mind, concentrated unbearable, the garden dark over formidable under place." "The entanglement we're talking about passes data, but it cannot pass information, and it can only transfer uncrackably coded data, at that." "It is as if I ran my fingers across all the keys at the same time and resolved the sounds into melodies, chords and voices." "Conceptual decorating: narcissus blooms float in a shallow bowl before a mirror." "What tinge the ocean’s edge—so what matter the sun?" "committed as one may be in guiding the flow of emotion to a result flickering somewhere between pain and pleasure, we are, together, one pale figure come to from intimate distance toward relation" "ahead vast systems hunger for time for us we are the names of time where immense conflagrations flare these bodies our dear instruments dislimn their delicate identities" "To live at last on the plane of whispers." "this space-time machine being composite demonology precipitate indeterminate eerie descent event" / "What lies beneath my copy of eternity? What coils spoken space?" "Cone-like beam seems a rope of light along the axis seems to quiver like particles of graphite world by the beam between abdomen and throat." "And so held to its place by the force that brings forever pollen to its ground or keeps the sun high up above, love remains antithetical, joined to life, utilitarian yet as light as pixie dust." "The body’s somehow necessary struggle to seek and maintain meaning is a cellular armature meant to be worn or occupied, except for an occasional hand or foot, and returns to silence, refusing to answer any of the questions it poses." "She loves you from beginningless undertime." "alef null full tilt to fever sheen debris oneiric reticulum bardo radio post-terrestrial circuit-tree spiritual aerial (self-similar and symmetrical about eternity)" "go they to shine through a harsh cadence" "innate and adaptive arcs of arms of immune response tightly controlled by cytokines orchestrate success with pathogenic events optimised by floor and rapid visualisation" "as if we'd been dropped off here by aliens who no longer needed us" "While ache eclipses the opened roses or slights sentience so grossly claimed & heralded the edgy singe, the broken stem" "Words escape from all visible reference to a choice I make in darkness" "I wafer one hypothesis into another. Made things envy theory. And why not?" "if you can imagine it, I can eat it" "Perhaps I'm agreeable merely because I'm naked" "Some will vibrates down the medulla: FOOD LOVE EVERYTHING PLEASE" "We speak the synaptic syntax of bees. A theurgy of junctures. Rings of Saturn." "a prophet in the dry chernozem, grasslands waving in the endlessness" "encryption system overlaid with encryption system overlaid with encryption system" "somewhere close to anywhere, a thing happens" "as eagles spread ecliptic over predation laid under tribute to diet coke and rock" "The paranoid are inert - language is the argument of unintended consequences, the aesthete's ethic." / "either: under cirrus vermiculae undulant knives masking the ceaseless syntaxless motion of jaws and intestines or: under cirrus cuneiform radiant signs encoding the endless authorless cursive of annelids and algae" "we, tangled, elusive forms in bodies that are, themselves, temporary phenomena, irregular traceries of tenuous lines—some dotted, others continuous, add complexity to the surface" "two worlds and a life inside sleep the surface of a hole where horizon sunk" "Blue crescent glow behold ornate gardens, mild temperament cultivates a submissive view to street sublime risk confronted with delineation ought to forbid, to bask in light immediate events." "The phoneme shared by ash & erasure. The compass that points toward an unfinished world." "I spoke my mysteries . . . I went up on my branch and sat there" "Would our shade could drink the blue night" "through the interstitial paring off of soul-parts, welded exponentially together target-like hear it declared" "To lie astonished in the oblivious pool" "This sense which cannot see the subject through its own appearance, stepping in, completing the picture, inviting more than resolution could ever chance to puzzle upon." "Above and below the person you become doing one job after another." "A wet ping or impulse from meaning's glow" "the obelisk of the sun, a furnace of light, lovely, like the dancers with their horizontal thighs, in the horizontal shadow of the obelisk of sun, lovely the sun itself" "It was resolved that all details be transferred directly to the Screen Memories Docket for interplay and aporia." "I sat enfolded in my image, between the shiny legs of the desk." "I turn from the screen to the bruised sky through window light-grid visible beyond and above the star-field shimmer(s)" / "What could motivate a group of egg-headed, tentacled, slimier-than-thou aestheticians with techniques far beyond ours to visit earth, abduct naive poets, and inculcate them with otherworldly forms that are also, if you believe the tabloids, rather salacious?" "Place the essence of resistance in a jar by the door and ground the surroundings." "Radio myth: a single sense hears the soul in matter. Modern myth: radio is matter going soulward." "amid millennium millennium millennium continuous polyphonal thrum white noise music of the war sphere Earth ruled by a sword-wing stag-beetle angel with closed-circuit eyes" "A series of celestial operations pull down shrouds of vital tissue weeping stars along the fulcrum." "The machine called "combine" and anticipation of a sheaf of grain to be poured in." "echo saving blue pen for glide or hesitation into orgasm grain in wood captures meander" "As certain consonants of fishes, amphibians and aquatic invertebrates" "Blaming the glands will only indenture you to further hormonal dictates." "I have left the earth & its species incapable of self-rescue of the dazzling vapour which transmutes which allows the watery chemicals to rise" "light in exile among the domes & ziggurats of the Silencing" "why is another world so eager to come in at the edges of what we see?" "I want to turn into contradictory utterance and disappear before the metonymic axes identify me as an essence in their gaze." "I'd like to live with an economy that's beyond me — but I have long long tethers attached." "I mean of human shape; I mean of this urn world, where you are my vivid fringe, my ordered subject; and the moment of nation is kissing; and the ring of the massacre is fishing for the fashion of godly." "Our death is our own as dreams are." / "Trammeled inseams excess of an aggregative grammar" "Rumors of the sadness before time. Discursive loop scans carapace of the cricket" "what is it in eternal recurrences that provoke another distantiation of the curve that shapes our particular question mark?" "In this — cross section of book compare flatness — plush, worsted almost wet (dream of) nature's unclothed face dives into the skin deep end" "A planet is defined as a mentality maintained by invisible and potent hinges." "The Paradox Programmer reaches down between her legs and revs the motor through the underground floes" "either my narrative weathervane is all fucked up or something very bad is about to happen" "plunging sea-like concerned with the address of a rose (static wanders to empty spaces cling true)" "The Chart displays in careful detail the relative positions of the Participants in reference to the six or seven floating centers from which pulses of negative accountability emanate." "Is that a loon diving into the water or is that me?" "Not to be confused with the audible click of metalinguistic crickets or the double articulation of time's voices (whose mandibles sort poetic quanta by penumbra and pale moonlight pincers glint in, hint at horn's origin)." "Local altercations still enact an original event and begin by writing and repeating language in startling places and also by calling attention to this event and extending outward or going forth where the movement of extending is the lap of a different kind of startling place." "The digital imagings floating on the inner walls are dubbing our conversation and papering the eye: Field."