Sunday, December 12, 2021

In Consideration of Uncertain Similarities


they toil coyly 
these contrary lilies, 
enjoined to cordial furtherance 
of the sun's beneficence – 
a fortuity presumed, 
fulcrum and mortal foil, 
to beguile, reciprocal 
parable of chlorophyll 
and idle capital 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sorrow's Echo


mirror rim 
muse mask sum 
sore rose done 
node not on 
time spool 
gnostic attar 
a radio vale 
woven ozone 
vowel a void 
ararat tacit 
song loops 
emit no tone 
done nodes 
or eros 
musk same sum 
mirror rim 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let Why = x (Streaming the Past)


the thing as is

immediated meanwhile

adhesion frequencies

sequenced in

lesion burst

disquieting ruses

as much in dream

as in process this

shade upon a plane

surface made

a range of


stark raving denial

stiff with belief

bereft bacchanal

verbatim jubilation

ignition system

abundantly plumbed

according to

evening's ordinance

discharge incidence

post-romantic protocols

operative then

arms as branches

and fingers leaves

(or softness embellished)

rock blossom water sky

mirror neural coral

furnace diurnal

osprey nature

possible otter future

once autonomous entities

opposite arrayed

hyperbolic pop apocalypse

this objectionist remnant

thunder demeanour

deep echo depleted

transient data contagion

plaintive arraignment

of sediment impeccable

but utter meltwater

as if drift be glacial

glossal interstitial

clamour channel

adamant lamentation

tremor emulation but

what ravenous wormhole

within reason devours

mass anomalies

absolute surfeit music

of now synchronize(d) forever

warped portal

rampant parthenogenic

source delirium

temporal cognition switch

remote ovarian modem

swollen trill dwell

anticipates jaguar maize cabal

mutagenic folk mosaic

paleolithic kitchen

intermediary hagiography

subterranean hive mind

sang grail tunnels

impenetrable digital inevitable

mesh threshold perhaps

cortical splurge maintain

germ-plasm devotion

depict archetypal

pattern recognition device

as per turbulent

hermetic intervention

intuit longitudinal

retrograde emotion

bicameral over

neural network

ostensible metastatic

clinamen premonition

sage protection lately

come clumsily undone

plunged to some

sumptuous assumption

telemental sciatica

lash attribute

press ganglial fortress

occipital bandwidth occupation

vermilion shimmer

rescinded iron archipelago

deco / herence

in syntax ribbons

fasten hatch

and blast off

thaumaturgic nerve squadron

potassium hum

hauled across

these light-years

the vatic expanse

of this absence

[An earlier version was published in xStream, edited by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.] 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Orders of Multitudes


debris radiant glaze domain 
salve came qualm encumbered 

wept matter fact remembered 
recondite chordates elucidate 

machinations of solid-state literati 
doldrum motors meme tsunami 

mediate critical mass distribution 
tacit planet meanders align 

plum receptors calibrate solace 
so flown paradigm time 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Archaeology of Virtuality

from Metatronic: an Alchemical Journal (for Robert Kelly) 

The car arrived without a driver. 

It is only those who have no future to whom the agents of the future come. 

Dear Angel of Incidence, 

The source for the Pegasus/Mercury paper tape code is "Information Representation and Manipulation in a Computer" by E.S. Page and L.B. Wilson and, yes, that was the impetus, with a nudge from Blackburn's Watchers and a nod to Sappho's 'Fragment 182.' The rest obsessed from that. A simple machine shuffling the flows. Contact human reference that oblique figure cut from the argument (apropos of Atropos and several threads severed, or persevered perhaps, in the process). 

She appeared to be translucent, faintly silvery and unambiguously briefly leafy, an imperturbable oscillating conundrum. ("Sometimes I wonder where the message begins and the world ends.") The wobbling pivot of that disturbance in air resolved into a sufficiency of indeterminacy, that is . . . the signifying calligraphy is inscrutable. An instruction manual in the form of a riddle or a self-fulfilling epiphany. 

In the leaves of the trees, lenses . . . and a dangling entanglement, primary circuitry of the time-adjusters. 

Listening to the dead (mostly). Their music is alien polar silence(s). As for the asphodel and the river of murmuring, memory is random and (mostly) involuntary, that Daphne bit specifically, notwithstanding the keeper of austere ceremony. We drink the bittersweet water and forget. 

Bitumentation is the enumeration of a deprivation. Interminable contextuality, equal to the measure of obscurity. We are more than the sum of our seeming. 

The divination is in the (living) syntax. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Monaural Vortex, or Early Onset Nostalgia

PASTORAL LOGIC                                    for Clark Coolidge

I surfed through this nuworld this afternoon 
and it was shiny, noisy, clean and intact 
as brass tacks clasped in memory stacks, as 
phantoms on bicycles pedal soft into ruined futures. 

The earth unscrolled in folds beneath the furrows 
of human endeavour, though old not much wiser 
as if nothing had happened to turn in alarm 
from casually irrational acts and predatory charm. 

I passed the fields of crushed red brick 
where a viral sky shed fat flakes that vanished 
into robin's-egg blue smooth to the touch 
yet intricate as ice rimed upon grimy windows. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Immutable Refusal

Disjunctive synthesis. A mere spatial evasion maybe . . . a cloud of pixels, inexplicably . . . scintillates beside me, some immaculate lattice mapped upon maximum circumstance and the axiomatics of desire. The contingent epiphany obviously adept deception. A glitch in vision commensurate with the autopsychology of dreaming.